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Marble flooring

Client Sector: Construction

Material: 20mm Marble


To  profile sheets of  20mm marble to provide a  reception floor   and  elevator floor sets, for a high profile  London  office / apartment  build  (100  Cheapside) .

  • Floor set  consisting of 232  unique  tiles
  • Tiles to be cut from different material sheets, to produce   randomised pattern.
  • Entire floor set to be drying lain for inspection, by developer / architect.
  • Tiles to be labelled with unique identifier and packed sequentially.


  • Handling 1.7 x 2.6m fragile marble sheets - approx 250 kg each (7T total).
  • Nesting  individual  tiles into  material sheet to randomise  layout.
  • Each tile was unique, due to differences in  tile  separation.
  • Handling material from loading onto cutting equipment / unloading / inspection / dry laying / packing up for transit - all without damaging polished top face.


Handling - Use of appropriate lifting
equipment including our vaccum lifting frame

 Nesting - Not all sheets of material were usable due to natural flaws and imperfections. Being a very expensive material - yield needs to be maximised and all parts needed a unique identifier.


  • Each tile marked with part number on cut edge.
  • Purpose made  crates  were manufactured  for transportation
  • Tiles  packed  by  sequential  number  for  easy identification and  laying -  part number  on top edge for  easy  visual identification.
  • Tiles interleaved with protective material to prevent transit damage.
  • Crates shrunk-wrapped to prevent ingress of dirt on construction site.
  • Crate supplied with individual packing list.
  • Layout plan supplied to customer


  • 100% sign off by developer / architect
  • Delivery to customer on time
  • Supplied material used efficiently
  • Hydromar - Preferred supplier to this customer

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