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Carbon Fibre Show Piece

Hydromar was challenged by Gurit, global leader in the development and manufacture of advanced composite materials, to profile 130mm thick carbon fibre composite. The aim was to produce a piece that would demonstrate their advanced composite material. Utilising one of the most advanced waterjet profiling equipments in the industry, cutting at 94,000 psi and with ‘Dynamic’ taper control, Hydromar rose to the challenge. The customer was initially concerned about cut quality and requested that a full thickness test cut be carried out before the final profile. Profiling very thick material always presents some challenges, the current thickest material profiled is 300mm. The customer was delighted with the test cut and approved cutting of the final profile.

After proving the cut quality and accuracy the final profile was carried out without any problems. Although cutting internal profiles in composites adds to the complexity, Hydromar has developed several different techniques over the years to deal with such issues. Commenting on the finished profiles, Tanieth White, research technologist at Gurit said - Hydromar produced ….’An accurate cut, especially considering the awkward shape - we actually used the piece that was cut out as well. The quality of the cut also meant that no polishing of the edges was required'

Hydromar embraces these sorts of challenges, on one hand it demonstrates the advanced capability of the equipment we have invested in and also demonstrates to customers the capability and flexibility of waterjet profiling.

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