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Exhibition Fretwork Panels

Decorative Panels

We were approached by a potential customer with a significant project cutting fretwork panels with a very short  deadline. The panels needed cutting, shot blasting and anodising before being shipped out to mainland Europe for installation. The customer required the project completed within a matter of weeks and they didn’t have artwork that was ready for cutting.

Key facts:

55 m2 of fretwork panels, 3.4 Km of cutting, 120 hrs cutting time.

All artwork traced, manually programmed and checked to ensure no errors

Time frame:

Week 1 -  samples cut / anodised and approved by customer

Week 2 & 3 -  order cut, shot blasted  and  shipped to anodisers.

Hydromar deliverables:  

Capability -  capacity and on-time delivery!

The initial artwork arrived in a format that was incompatible with our software and machine, and needed significant amounts of work.

Initial artwork

The design of the fretwork had to be reproduced and then cut out sections produced to represent the landmasses. Once the ready to cut drawings were produced, they were all manually programmed rather than automatically created so as to ensure that there were no errors and the cutting head at no point moved across a previously cut section. This was crucial to ensure there were absolutely zero cutting or programming errors.

CAD File produced by Hydromar

The panels were then cut over the course of the week with Hydromar stepping up to 24/7 operation to meet our customer's tight deadline.

Panels laid out for inspection - prior to shotblasting

Once the panels were cut they were all laid out for final inspection before being shot blasted. They were then inspected again post shot blasting to ensure an even consistent finish prior to being shipped to our customers selected anodisers. From here they were collected and shipped out for installation, all in time for the exhibition. Our customer was delighted by both the quality of work and the speed of delivery.

Installed panels

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