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Flying High

With a growing level of aerospace business, Hydromar made a strategic decision, over 2 years ago, to implement the use of the more rigorous AS9100 Rev C. Aerospace quality management system (QMS).

Having operated an accredited and well functioning ISO 9001 QMS, for more than 7 years, we had a sound basis from which to start.  Despite a few twists and turns, we are now pleased to announce that we are on the last leg of this part of the journey; the AS9100 Rev C  compliant QMS is in place and we are now collecting data to allow a full audit and accreditation to take place later this year.  As we said, the implementation is just the first leg of the journey towards offering all our customers the assurance that this quality management system offers, verifiable on time delivery data and material traceability to name just two benefits that our customers will see.  

Hydromar is committed to not only bring to its customers the best of waterjet technology, but also the best in terms of quality assurance and management practices. We know that this step forward will bring benefits to all of our customers, not just those within the aerospace industry.  

When accredited, Hydromar will become the second independent subcontract waterjet profiling company in the UK, to hold this highly valued accreditation.  

Managing Director Paddy Lightfoot being presented with the finalised AS9100 Rev C Manual

If you have any questions concerning this change and our quality management system, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our General Manager Alex Lightfoot by phone on 01983 404997 or email

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