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Royal Opera House Set

Don Quixote

Hydromar again had the privilege this year of working with the Royal Opera House on part of one of their sets. This time we were asked to produce a series of large vine back drops for one of the scenes for Don Quixote.

The first step was to 'clean up' the CAD file, by removing any double entities, re-drawing the poly lines as true 3 point curves for a better quality cut, and closing up any open entities. We then set about breaking up the parts of the set to fit into standard sheet sizes of the selected material to reduce cost and make it possible as each section of the vines measured around 11m x 8m.    

Set broken up into manageable parts

We then took the individual pieces and placed them back together in a key showing the final parts that would be shipped. This was sent to the Royal Opera House for approval prior to ordering material, in case any required changes would affect the material required.

Key showing the 4 sections broken up into 205 parts total

After approval the material was ordered, and our staff set about programming up the arrays ready to cut as soon as the material arrived, the largest impact on lead time was the availability of the material which had to be brought in from Europe. So we ensured everything was ready to go as soon as it arrived to reduce the impact for the Royal Opera House.

The first batch of material arriving

We set about cutting the arrays of profiles, these were then checked, labelled and cleaned off and stacked on a pallet. As a final check due to the number of parts and complexity of the design these parts were laid out as per the key prior to palletising them for shipping.

Time lapse showing Hydromar staff assembling two of the set pieces

Finally the parts were palletised and shipped to the Royal Opera House workshop for them to work their magic prior to their debut on stage.

You can check out the work we did on Robert Le Diable in our January 2013 newsletter in the downloads section of our website.

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