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1. Your expectations of quality will be met in the service we provide

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3. Your orders will be cut from quality approved materials, where we have supplied the material

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Services summary


Here at Hydromar we are running at 92,000 psi, which is at a pressure nearly 50% above the industry standard of 60,000psi. This allows us to cut faster and ultimately reduces the cost in comparison to some other water jet services. We are industry leaders in utilizing dynamic technology which allows us to correct the kerf (taper) usually found on water jet cut parts. We also pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service. Unlike many other profiling processes, where they run at a fixed speed and cut quality, water jet cutting allows for the speed to be varied to suit customer requirements. Whether to reduce cost, improve cut quality or find a balanced combination to suit your needs.

Our ability to consistently achieve customers tolerance and taper free cutting expectations is what makes us their first choice over other water jet services.

We are continually investing in the latest technology and training to make sure we are offering the best water jet technology has to offer.

"We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding service to our customers with a focus on transparency, accuracy, quality, and accountability." Paddy Lightfoot – Managing Director

We will always offer you the best of this technology, backed by expert technical knowledge, value for money pricing and on time delivery


Profile any material except toughened glass and diamond, up to 250mm thick as standard, although we have cut up to 300mm.

Cutting tolerance does depend on thickness and material, but below 50mm thick we can guarantee tolerance of +/-  0.25mm taper free cutting.  We can also cut with a fixed taper up to 9 degrees.

Cutting envelope is 2x4m but due to some of our clients' unique requirements, we have cut parts up to 9.5m. Please note that this would require a certain level of consultation to ensure we can provide the required quality and tolerance expected.

ISO  9001: 2015 accredited and attainment of the higher AS 9100 Rev D Aerospace accreditation is well underway and expected to be completed this year.

We hold a significant amount of material stock so that we are able to offer quick turnaround for our customers. However, we are happy to work with customer issued material or alternatively we can source none stock material if required. We will also hold supplies of customer free issue material for call off through agreement.

We can work with customer supplied CAD files (We find that .dxf or .dwg format usually give us the least compatibility problems). However, if you don't have a CAD drawing, we have staff members who are able to convert your part/template/ sketch into a CAD drawing suitable for use in our process.

Our quotation turnaround average is less than 24 hours with an average production lead time of 7 days. But we have the capacity to push orders through faster if required.

We also offer additional in-house manufacturing services include: De-burring, Drilling, Tapping and Countersinking.

Please note - we do not pay a premium on delivery for being based on the Isle of Wight as our courier offers UK mainland next day delivery (pallets and parcels) at the same rates as if we were based in Southampton or Portsmouth.

The team and I look forward to hearing from you,

Paddy Lightfoot

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