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Aerospace Aluminium

Case Study: Thick Material Profiling

Client Sector: Aerospace

Material: 178mm thk Aircraft Grade Aluminium


To profile a billet 178mm square   -  1100mm long, with longitudinal cuts, to produce two blanks for final machining. 

 Final piece ready for CNC machiningWaterjet profiled material providing two final stock pieces 


Previously one billet was required to produce each finished component. With the advantages of ultra pressure waterjet cutting and the use of a Dynamic® cutting  head, it  is possible  to cut  the  billet in such a manner that two, oversized, blanks could be produced, suitable for final  machining.


A test cut was conducted in the material to establish the ‘uncorrected’ cut taper. Over the depth of cut of 178mm - an ‘uncorrected’ taper of just 0.67mm was observed. This is removed completely  by applying a  corrective  factor within the  software that controls the Dynamic® cutting head. 

Cut 1

The first cut ( full thickness of  178mm) removes material above the red line - instead of being swarf  it is now
valuable material available for smaller parts. 

Cut 2

The stock from cut 1 is rotated 90 degrees and a second cut (common cut) is completed. Manipulation of the
cutting programme compensates for the varying thickness of cut, from full  thickness of 178mm down to 83mm 
at its thinnest.


  1. Material yield doubled
  2. Material offcuts - formerly waste swarf - are now useable for the manufacture of other components

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