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Waterjet Cutting - Capabilities

PROCESS:    profiling with water at pressures up to  94,000  psi.:

Pure  water -  for  foams /  thin rubber  (up to 5mm  thick)

Water  and  abrasive (most  common  process)  cutting  any  material (unlike laser / plasma /  oxy-acetylene cutting)  EXCEPT

Toughened  glass   ( non toughened or  laminated glass  OK)

Diamonds -  harder than the  abrasive – so wont  cut


Bed size -  maximum  4 x 2m

It is possible to  cut  larger profiles in  stages – but accuracy of whole  cut will reduce.

Cutting  thickness

The waterjet will cut any thickness you  give it -  however  practical  consideration of  getting material onto the machine  means that maximum thickness is usually  250mm   (thicker possible  by  consultation)

However - 

Industry standard equipment  (cutting at  60,000  psi)  struggle  with producing an acceptable  economic cut  once you get  past  100mm in steel  ( softer material – aluminium can be thicker)

Cutting at 94,000  psi ( above industry standard) -  means thicker cuts  are possible -  Hydromar has cut 300mm thick alu /  130mm  steel / 130mm  carbon fibre composite.

Generally -  profiles  are cut from  flat  material ( it is possible to cut  / trim  3D objects  but need to discuss first).


Cut quality   Cut quality can be  varied  for  any part of the  profile –smoothness will depend on material.

Rough separation cut (Q1)   - fastest  cut speed /  lowest  cost -   possible  where other  process will re-finish the cut edge (milling ?)   or parts being welded together.

Standard -  economic cut (Q3) -  balance of  good  cut quality  (slower  cut speed / more  costly)   and  cost.(approx  ½  cut speed of separation cut -   double  the  cost)

Best  quality cut (Q5)  -    slower cut speed again / even more costly -  most often used for parts of a profile  where a  better quality is required -  may  allow customer to use profile  without  further machining.(may be up to 2  times  slower / more expensive than standard cut).

Squareness of  cut. – see diagram

Industry standard machines  -  cuts with a  taper  or kerf

Advanced  equipments – (Hydromar) – taper  is  ‘corrected’ to eliminate taper.  You can also  get it  to cut with a  fixed taper ( up to  9  degrees) in either  direction ( note  taper  will be consistent from top to bottom of  cut.)

Tolerance -   usually  + / -  0.25mm for thicknesses up to  50mm

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