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Hydromar was established by Paddy Lightfoot to provide a first class waterjet cutting service solution. We believe that Hydromar are unique in the industry in what they can deliver to customers with this powerful tool. Operating waterjet profiling equipment that is the most advanced in Europe we are continually re-investing to keep us at the forefront of waterjet cutting technology. Naturally we are a ISO 9001 registered company and we are driven to continually review and improve all of our processes.

Two of the key individuals in our team are:

Paddy Lightfoot - Managing Director

Paddy's experiences as a chartered civil engineer have given him a very broad knowledge of many manufacturing processes. This has enabled Hydromar to bring a greater understanding of what our customers are trying to achieve, and helping to achieve it, rather than just simply offering profiles. Paddy's personal focus is currently business development, encompassing capability, capacity and sales, as well as sharing his considerable knowledge of engineering and waterjet technology with the rest of the team and customers.

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Alex Lightfoot - General Manager

Alex graduated in 3D modelling and programming and by utilising his expertise in this field, has been instrumental in helping Hydromar develop a 3D waterjet profiling capability. Alex's personal focus for the business centres on quality, service, satisfaction and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with new and existing customers. Alex is also continually driving through significant changes, with the aim of making our processes quicker and more efficient and pioneering the introduction of new technology within Hydromars  processes.

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