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Hydromar awarded a Chamber of Commerce Business Award for Excellence

2012 was an exceptionally good year for Hydromar, against a background of difficult trading conditions, including several major customers from the previous year significantly reducing spend or no orders at all, we managed to boost turnover by 50%, recruit a further 3 full-time staff members and branch out into new markets of business across the United Kingdom, whilst still managing to support local businesses.

Particular highlights included, the inception of a joint venture with another waterjet company, making us the largest waterjet subcontractor in Southern England and acquiring a 10 year contract, within the aerospace supply chain.

With our capacity, technical capabilities and proven track record, Hydromar is at the head of what the waterjet industry can currently offer, meaning we can justifiably claim to be the leading waterjet cutting company in the UK.

On winning the award, Managing Director and found Paddy Lightfoot stated that, "It was recognition of a lot of hard work by a really good team" and highlighting Hydromar's continued dedication to "being unique within the industry" and "flying the flag for manufacturing in the UK".

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