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Hydromar's 10th Anniversary - Cutting its way around the M25

Started from scratch, Hydromar is celebrating its 10th anniversary and true to its small beginnings, continues to make a name for itself in the waterjet profiling industry, offering a unique capability. Established with a Flow single headed equipment, operating at 60,000 psi, it now also operates one of the most advanced equipment in Europe, again a Flow equipment, with twin heads and operating at 94,000 psi. Serving customers from Aberdeen to Portsmouth it also supplies customers overseas with profiles that their local waterjet profiling suppliers cannot, from the USA to Switzerland to Majorca.

Cutting an immense variety of materials from 0.05mm thick stainless steel to 300mm thick aluminium, Hydromar is used to challenges set by its wide variety of customers. Customers come in all shapes and sizes across most sectors, aerospace, defence, automotive, oil and gas, renewable energy to opera house to jeweller. What they all have in common is a need to have material cut to a design. Hydromar offers the bespoke service that our clients require, working in partnership to produce the best outcome. If we had used all our hours of cutting since we started we could have cut our way around the entire circumference of the M25 in 40mm thick aluminium and still had capacity left over!

Of course machines are only machines and the other key to our success is a young and dynamic team that is customer focused, highly trained and always ready to be challenged. This included stepping up to run 24/7 at very short notice for all of December 2011 (except Christmas day) in order meet a customer’s deadline. However this dedication is being rewarded with ongoing work worth several million pounds and proved yet again Hydromar’s ability to deliver.

This hard work by Hydromar has not gone unnoticed, being winners of their Chamber of Commerce Business Start-up Award in November of 2004 and more recently the SME Business of the Year in 2012.

This anniversary year Hydromar will also launch two exciting major initiatives which have been developed over the last 12 months and are due to be launched this summer.

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